Picasa webalbum fetcher

Some days ago I wrote a little tool to download whole picasa web albums. I actually wrote it for my gf, who wanted to download a friends album. I was looking around but couldn’t find any comfortable way to get that done without installing the picasa software.

The tool I wrote is based on mono/gtk# and runs on linux and windows and I guess it should also run on a mac (not tested). If anybody cares for a .NET/Winforms solution – I have that, too. Just ask and I’ll bring it on.

Actually the winforms version is even more mature, because that’s the one I created for my girlfriend but as I use linux myself, I thought I should make an gtk# version for this blog.

I seperated the process of fetching the album into an assembly so that makes it easy for you to implement it anywhere else. Use it for whatever you like.

album fetcher in action
album fetcher in action

Download source and binary:


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