banshee 1.4.2 makes me a lucky hacker

Some weeks ago I blogged about my first banshee patch which fixed the alignment issues with banshees track number. I can say proudly that my patch has recently been commited by Gabriel Burt and made it into the 1.4.2 release.  Some might think it’s ridiculous to blog about it, but some also might feel and share the joy.

Of course, what I did wasn’t world shaking, it’s truly just a small bit of code. But banshee is a big, fast growing project that will soon become one of the most important media player applications due to its clean code base. That’s at least what I think. Up to the moment the project is available for the linux and apple plattform while the windows version is still under development.  I guess the influence will rapidly grow once the player will be full functionally on all three major plattforms.

So, beeing a part of this great project just feels great. Some month ago I wouldnt have thought I could find my name on the list of banshee contributors in the near future.  But here it is:


What is the intension of this blog post? Am I just a geek looking for some fame? NO! I want to share the joy that I have with others and I want to encourage others to step up and join the project. The patch I wrote is the perfect proof, that it is possible for beginners to join the project and find some easy tasks to hack on.  It feels awesome to be  a part of a great project and hack together with other well known free software hackers. No money would have brought me the joy that I feel with that.

I defenetly will keep it up and Im quite confident that there will be banshee patches of my own in the future…


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