Some trivia out of my life

I haven’t been blogging for a while but in fact several things happened that were worth to do so. I won’t go too much into detail as I would like to keep this blog a place for technic stuff…basically at least. However, here comes some trivia out of my life.  Some weeks ago I got my green belt in Taekwondo…actually, I got it again for the second time in my life. I started Taekwondo with the age of 10 or so and had to quit it being a green belt for some personal reasons. However I always knew I would start it again. For those of you who are not familiar with the different martial arts. Have a look at this video:

Two years ago I started Taekwondo again but decided to begin from scratch as a white belt and did all the tests again. Although I would have been allowed to wear my green belt I didn’t like to wear a belt that doesn’t reflect my phyisical skills. So, now Im once again a green belt and everything from now on will be new for me. Exciting stuff ahead!


Banshee…yeah…banshee!!! For those of you following me on twitter you should have noticed there are already three patches from me commited to trunk. Rocks! I’m getting deeper into the source and I’m looking forward to hack on bigger tasks. I already got so much back from the banshee project. My coding skills developed a lot…it’s amazing how the banshee source is like a teacher to me!

Got one thing of my personal “must do” list

You know the phrase “a man must build a house, plant a tree, get a son and see AC/DC. Well, I just saw AC/DC yesterday…live in Dortmund. Stunning! Absolutely! I can’t believe what these guys perform on the stage…


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