Improving the site

A couple of days ago we came together again at the EDELSTALL to have our regulary hannoverjs meetup. It was that day when someone on Facebook asked me where he should have looked to figure out the date earlier.

My immediate rection was: “It’s every two month and it’s the fourth Thursday.”

Well, while me and a couple of others now about the rhythm and it’s also mentioned on the site, we shouldn’t assume that everyone does. It’s a huge fail when we rely on the assumption that everybody knows about that for sure.

So I pulled up my sleeves and automated the appearance of the date on our website so that it always points to the correct next date for our event.

And while I was at it, I rewrote the whole page with AngularJS (it previously used jQuery and Backbone). One of the benefits is that the talk section is much more maintainable now.

1. All talks for one event are written in it’s own file which follows the pattern MM_YYYY.tpl.html (Example)

2. Old talks can be viewed by just changing the date in the URL. (
(but I didn’t finish to extract the complete history from the commit logs yet)

3. There’s a default talk template which is automatically shown when nobody added a talk for the upcoming meetup yet.
So whenever one views the talk section, it should always make sense 🙂
On a side note: when you feel something about the site or the meetup in general could be improved. Don’t hesitate. Send PRs. Get in touch. We are a community.

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