Tag related sorting just landed in StackWho

StackWho just got a nice update which makes it much more useful! Previously results were always sorted by the users reputation. That’s probably what one would expect if you only search by location.

However, once you start searching by tags you would probably expect that the sorting relates to such tags. Fortunately that’s exactly how things work now 🙂

This makes for some very interesting queries. If you combine multiple tags then the results will be sorted by the cumulated answer score of such tags.

For instance those are the users from Hannover, Germany sorted by cumulated answer score for the tags javascript, angularjs and git.

This is just scratching the surface of what’s planned for the future. I migrated the search to use ElasticSearch to expand the feature set. Previously the search was implemented on top of postgresSQL (used as a NoSQL DB) which was fine for the beginning but I felt I can move faster by migrating to ElasticSearch.

StackWho is entirely open source and MIT licensed, if you like to get involved, head over to the repository and help shaping it’s future. If you don’t like to directly contribute you can still help if you star the repository on github and share this blog post as much as you can 🙂

What out for more awesomeness coming soon!

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